Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dry Fork

The Dry Fork Narrows is not a slot canyon….and, by the description, we did not think that it would have the same appeal for us. We had left this canyon for last….if we had the time and energy. We did…..


And we were so surprised! You could walk right into Dry Fork……


And though not as narrow….the close walls of the canyon were beautifully sculpted.


And the more open canyon let in more light….therefore, more color.


So many photographs!


Every time we turned a corner (or turned around to see where we had been)……we had to stop for a picture.


Nature has created such wonder!

It is possible to wander up the Dry Fork Narrows for several miles. But we did not need to go very far. We took our time, enjoying every view….then headed back out.

The hike out…like the hike down…required one to be part mountain goat…..walking straight up rock washes…with a final climb up the bluff to the truck.


We left these slot canyons with that exhilarated feeling of having thrown our whole bodies into an activity……the way I remember doing as a child. The feeling of the day had been one of adventure…..and of play.     

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