Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vikingholm on Emerald Bay

Vikingsholm was built as a summer home by Lora J. Knight in 1929. Ms. Knight felt that the location on Emerald Bay reminded her of a Norwegian fjord, so she wanted to have this ‘fantasy home’ built to match the setting. She commissioned her nephew, Swedish Architect Lennart Palme, to build Vikingsholm, which is still considered to be one of the finest examples of Scandinavian architecture in this country.IMG_5079

To reach Vikingsholm, we had to park in a lot at the top of a hill, then walk a steep 1 mile gravel road to the house and the lake. The construction of this road was no small feat in itself.


Along with the outstanding design, Vikingsholm has many fine examples of Scandinavian wood carvings


And this garage wing has an authentic sod roof.


I love these round turrets…….and such stone work! I am sorry that this home was not open to tour. I would have loved to have seen the inside which was furnished with many Scandinavian antiques.


This is Vikingsholm as viewed from Emerald Bay. Wow! What a setting!


This is the beach out in front of Vikingsholm.


I can not imagine a more peaceful setting……


Emerald Bay has Lake Tahoe’s only Island. Fanette Island, just out in front of Vikingholm, was also owned by Lora Knight. She had this 16x16 ft stone ‘tea house’ built on the island. Several times a summer, Ms. Knight would have her staff row her and several lady friends out to the island for tea.

This way of life has long since gone……but one can still appreciate the fine architecture, and a very lovely setting……

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