Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The next slot canyon was Spooky….about .5mile on up the wash. Spooky did not require any climbing to get into…you just wandered into this narrow slot.
It, too, was beautiful…..
Sculpted formations….
Sandstone rocks worn smooth by the forces of water…..
Creating passageways that led deeper into the canyon…..
We followed the narrow ‘slot’….
Squeezing between the narrow canyon walls…..which became so narrow that we had to take off our daypacks….and walk sideways….the walls touching our fronts and backs.
(Please forgive my out-of-focus picture) This shows just how narrow the passage was….Fred’s feet could not fit straight out….and, he had to take off his hat, which was scraping  both sides. But, we never had to push our way through….so we were not worried about getting stuck. I had wondered why this canyon was called ‘Spooky”… I knew!
Despite the tight fit, we did not feel TOO closed in….because the canyon was open at the top (not like a cave).
And the lighting and opportunities for pictures were amazing!
We hiked most of Spooky  (.3 miles total length)…..then turned  around and ‘squeezed’  our way back. On to Dry Fork…..

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