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May 11, 2012 – Ok, so as most of you probably know, we are in Oakland, CA these two weeks (May 8-22) to visit our oldest daughter, Laura and her husband Dave. Our timing of this visit centered on this most important occasion of Graduation from Berkeley law School.

It seems like just a short time since Laura and Dave first moved from Des Moines to Emeryville (then to Oakland) -these three years have flown by! We are so proud of Laura for this great accomplishment, and so thankful for Dave’s support.

Graduation was scheduled for Friday morning at 10 am, outside at the Greek Amphitheatre at Berkeley. It was a beautiful day, though a bit warm, but the graduation proceeded as 300 students received their Juris Doctorate, in addition to 100 students with their Masters of Laws.

Some of you may have seen these photos on Facebook (I just couldn’t wait to post them) and I have included a few recorded clips of the ceremonies which I will apologize for, now. The  filming is a bit shaky and I haven’t yet learned how to edit the recordings, and truthfully, they may be something that only a mother (or Grandmother) could love.   : )

But the day was awesome…….


Laura looked so very official and so very pretty……


This plaque on the law building…..weighty thoughts……


The proud graduate…..


This was Laura’s group of ‘study buddies’ Brittany, Brielle (Jill’s friend, not one of the core study group) and Jill. Laura met Brittany and Jill her first semester at school and they instantly hit it off. Thank goodness for this group of friends who supported and challenged one another as they made their way through these three years with style.

Walking In

As graduations go, this was a fun twist on ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ ……played on the steel drums.


The Greek Amphitheater…..a neat setting, but in the full sunshine, a bit warm.


Speeches by: The law school dean, Dean Edley…..and the keynote speaker, California Attorney General Kamala Harris…


The co-class presidents…… and the favorite teacher, Professor Eleanor Swift.

Laura receiving her degree

That all important, and all to brief,  moment that we wait for…..

Conferring of Degrees

I just liked the ‘official-ness’ of this…..the conferring of the degree of Juris Doctorate.


Dave deserves special thanks and recognition for being so supportive (financially  as well as emotionally and otherwise).


Dave’s parents Rick  and Joyce Riddle and Dave’s sister, Rebecca flew in form Waukegan, Illinois just to be here for graduation and to celebrate this occasion, making it quite special.


And, of course, the proud parents……..      Congratulations, Laura!    : )

And though Laura celebrated this accomplishment in style, she will have only a brief break before starting on Monday, May 21st, a 6 week review class for the Bar Exam. Her exam is scheduled for the last week of July, then she and Dave will be free to do a bit of traveling before she will start her new job with the Cooley Law Firm in San Francisco in November.

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