Thursday, May 17, 2012

After Graduation……After the Barbeque

After the graduation, we gathered with Laura’s friend Brittany and her family at Tilden park for a barbeque.

IMG_5281 (1)

What can I say? When you are amazing, you just know it……     : )

IMG_5285 (2)IMG_5291

After Brittany and her family went home, we all decided to take a walk. Here is Dave’s mom, Joyce, with Fred and Jade, enjoying the walk around the lake.


Dave’s sister Rebecca and Laura, and Dave with his dad, Rick.


A good pic of Laura and Dave….in their traditional picture taking setting by some body of water.


I just couldn’t resist including this pic of one of the ducks on the lake….it was so pretty.


It was a nice end to a very special day……

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