Friday, May 18, 2012

A Walk at the Beach

Saturday May 12 – We took a drive with Dave and Laura, and Rick, Joyce, and Rebecca to Half-Moon Bay, a beach just a bit south of San Francisco. I will say, up front, that the traffic crossing the Bay Bridge on the weekend was horrendous! But, we made it just fine, and enjoyed lunch at a nifty little Italian grocery and restaurant, before heading out to the beach.


Laura had looked up a trail that seemed like it would make a nice hike……


The beach was beautiful, and very quiet in some spots….


Joyce really enjoyed getting to spend some time down by the ocean. She said that it reminded her of many special times that she had as a child, vacationing on the coast of England.


It was a nice way to spend time visiting, as well as enjoying the California coast…..Here, Joyce, Rick and Rebecca Riddle gather some shells……


And we all tried to squeeze in as much time with our kids as we could……


Isn’t there some sort of saying about time and tides……..Anyway, these are the times we treasure…..


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