Monday, April 2, 2012

Navajo and Havasu Falls -

From the town of Supai, it was 2.5 miles and 400 feet more descent to the campground. We hiked on….at first feeling a bit energized……excited to be almost there. Then….just really ready to be there. The trail (more of a road) was straightforward, but the surface was dirt….with a consistency like sand….and tough to walk on. We kept looking for signs pointing towards the campground……but, it seems that signs are in short supply here on Tribal lands.

Then, we rounded a corner and saw this!


The stunning beauty of Navajo Falls was enough to take our breath away!


It felt like we had walked into Shangri-La……


People were swimming in the pool below the falls….. some were jumping off the falls!


It seemed almost magical that such blue water and such emerald green .…could emerge from the rocks and the desert that we had just walked through.

About 20 minutes further down the road, we finally came upon the sign for the campground which was located just down from Havasu Falls.


We briefly stopped to look at Havasu Falls……almost more beauty than we could appreciate right then.


When we finally arrived at the campground….we found a vacant campsite, a really beautiful spot right beside Havasu Creek, and gratefully put down our packs. It was 1:30 pm and we had hiked the 11 miles and 2,000 foot descent in 6 hours. After a bit of a rest, we decided to walk back to Havasu Falls to enjoy the afternoon.


Havasu Falls was beautiful…..100 feet high…..spectacular!


Refreshing……almost like a spa…or resort…..



The colors were striking….the green vegetation, the reddish hue of the rocks, and the blue-green water! And the limestone deposits flowed off the rocks…evidence of ancient waters that once flowed through these canyons.


People  were swimming or wading in the pool beneath the falls.

IMG_3105 (4)

We waded in - The water was COLD! Not enticing for swimming, but it felt so good on our tired feet….


  1. The waterfall photos are BEAUTIFUL! I love looking at them! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! Mom

  2. Oh, WOW! The waterfalls would surely be an amazing thing to see after hiking through such a dry, brown and almost desolate landscape. Your photos of the falls are beautiful! So many surprises in this wonderful land of ours!!

  3. Gorgeous and, I dare say, worth the effort to get there!