Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Sunrise

April 8, 2012 –Sarah, Jason, Joann, Fred and I all got up at 4:45 to go out to Mather Point for the Easter Sunrise Service. This was the 77th Annual Easter service held at the Grand Canyon. We have very special memories of Easter services at Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas….but this was the first time that we  had seen the sunrise at the Grand Canyon.


So very moving……


We joined a crowd of people, all bundled against the cold…….


To watch the dawn paint colors in the sky against the backdrop of the Canyon…..and give praise to the one who created all of this.

There is something so very powerful in a group of people of all denominations, races, creeds or beliefs……all gathered together in recognition of the majesty of creation…….and in praise of the creator…..


And in the hope…… that is the daily miracle of the sun/Son rise.

Happy Easter! …..Everyday…..

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  1. Sue The pictures are beautiful! Thank you for taking time to share them. I remember that morning at Petit Jean. So special! It was good to see Sarah and Jason there with you---and Jade and Lucky! I send love to all. Ruth/Mom