Sunday, April 15, 2012

Living the ‘Wild’ Life

April 8, 2012 – Sunday afternoon, after saying goodbye to Sarah and Jason (and Jade), we moved our camper just across the road to Trailer Village, a private campground in the park with electric and water hookups. (We had to move our camper because there is a 7 day limit at Mather Campground.)
We were a bit surprised at the ‘wild’ life going on within this park…….
This small herd of elk….5-6 of them…..wandered through
And were just browsing beside the road…….
Totally unconcerned about the people or the campers parked nearby.
Despite these  wild comings and goings, we had to stay focused …we had work to do getting ready for our hike down the Grand Canyon in the morning.
We packed our backpacks and doubled checked our gear, then had a nice dinner with Joann and said our goodbyes. She will be moving on in the morning, and we will be heading out on our hike......

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