Monday, April 30, 2012

Hike to Calf Creek Falls

Tuesday April 24th – We got out to hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls. This is a mostly level 6 miles round trip hike out to the falls. This hike is rated moderately difficult due to the sand trail (sand is tough to walk in!) We decided to take Jade, to see how she would do on a longer walk. 


Jade, of course, LOVES to get out…..


She may not have appreciated the scenery….


And unusual rock formations……


Even some pictographs from the Ancient Native Americans…..but we did.

We had started out about 9:15 am, but the weather was warming up fast! Before long, we were HOT, and so was Jade!


Jade enjoyed a cooling dip in Calf Creek whenever we got close. The 3 miles turned into a bit of a slog….hike a bit… off….drink water…..hike on…..We were both thinking “I sure hope this waterfall is worth the effort!”

It was!


A BEAUTIFUL 126 foot falls flowing into a lovely basin. A sand beach cove with shade to sit in. The mist from the falls kept the whole area cool……It could not have been more perfect!



The wet rock had an emerald green algae growing on it……almost florescent.


And the water was a lovely blue/green.

IMG_4527 (1)IMG_4529

We stayed for an hour…..had our lunch…..people watched. We posed for a picture…..and Jade got her picture taken, too…..Then, reluctantly, we started back.

The trek back was hotter, but at least we knew what to expect. Jade got tired (so did we) and her back leg began to give out a bit. (Jade is 9 years old, and suffers from a bit of arthritis). We worried that we might have to carry her…..not sure how. But, we rested often, and Jade was a trooper……and we all made it back to the truck on our own feet.

When we got home to the camper, we crashed…..worn out from the heat and the 6 miles in the sand. By morning, Jade had recuperated just fine, but we had pushed her limits.

Like many good things, you have to work to see them. The hike had been worth the effort……and the waterfall was FANTASTIC……I am SO  glad the we had seen this! Jade, however, adds a worry while we are hiking. And, as for her enjoyment, she is just as content with a good walk around the campground. This is how things sometimes are……trial and error….and and a lot of learning ‘on the fly’. I think, that from now on, we will limit Jade to 3-4 miles or less.

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