Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life At The Bottom of the Canyon

April 9-10 – When I have looked down from the Rim and pointed out the campground at the bottom and Phantom Ranch…I have wondered what was going on down there beside Bright Angel Creek, under those Cottonwood trees…..
We arrived at Bright Angel Campground around 12:30pm and picked out a nice site right by the creek….
The campground has 30 campsites along Bright Angel Creek.
We were not the only ones to enjoy the creek…these deer were browsing just across from our campsite.
After resting up a bit, we got out to explore a bit…..
These Pueblo ruins were located along Bright Angel Creek.
We walked down to the beach – about 1/4 mile from the campground. It is incredible to think that we were sitting on the banks on the Colorado River!
IMG_3993 (1)
Later, we wandered over to Phantom Ranch…..
The Canteen where we would have our meals…...and cabins which sit nestled in the cool shade of the trees…..
We settled on one of these benches beneath the Sycamore tree…..a welcome relief in the 92 degree heat….and listened to the Ranger give a talk. I think it was the same talk (different Ranger) on the geology of the Grand Canyon as we had listened to in 2004!
In talking with the Rangers and staff, we learned that the Rangers stay at the bottom of the canyon for a week at a time – Tuesday is swap-out day- when they hike back out and their replacement hikes in. The Phantom Ranch staff works 10 days on – 4 days off, and have to hike in and out when they want to take their time off out of the canyon.
At 6pm, we eagerly lined up at the Canteen and waited for the dinner bell…..We were HUNGRY!
Phantom Ranch serves wonderful meals – Hiker’s Stew, or Steaks, or Chili for dinner – Pancakes and eggs and bacon for breakfast- all served ‘family style’ and all you can eat!
We had scheduled our meals – supper for 2 nights, and breakfasts for 2 mornings– at Phantom Ranch. This would save us from carrying the weight of so much food…and allow us to not have to take a cook stove or pot.
After supper, we settled into our campsite…..and before long, went to sleep.

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  1. I've often wondered what it is like down there. Thanks for the description and a great pictures. Hopefully 1 day I will check it out for myself!