Sunday, April 8, 2012

Allowing Space

April 2, 2012- Anne Morrow Lindbergh writes in Gifts From The Sea that she gathered a few shells… “One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach.” She then placed them in her beach home…each with space around them, so that each could be fully appreciated. Likewise, we have enjoyed having the ‘space’ around our time at Havasu Canyon to fully process and appreciate that experience.

This is a lesson that we are just learning in our travels. We had learned to slow down our pace to allow more time in each area. Now, we are learning to place a bit of ‘space’ or down time around each experience.

Before we had our camper and took to traveling on longer trips, we would go out on vacation, then come home. ‘Home’ provided the space or frame around each experience. Life on the road creates challenges in finding that space. Each place that we visit is new and exciting to us. So much to see and do! It is difficult to not fill each day with sightseeing or exploring.

But, just as 50 shells all grouped together loses the uniqueness in each individual shell…… does too many new experiences, no matter how wonderful. It is better to take the time…..not only to be ‘in the moment’…..but to process the experience afterward, reliving it, savoring it, and learning from it….before moving on.

Today we are driving to Grand Canyon National Park where we will meet up with my sister, Joann, and share the wonder that is the Grand Canyon.

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