Thursday, April 19, 2012

Having the Time to Explore

April 10, 2012- This time, hiking the Grand Canyon, we planned to spend two nights at the bottom of the canyon to give ourselves time to explore and experience the inner canyon.
Tuesday morning, after a wonderful breakfast at Phantom Ranch, we wandered up the North Kaibab Trail to explore a bit, having no real destination in mind. Our pace was relaxed, and we felt remarkably good….legs and feet none the worse for the hike down.
The North Kaibab Trail runs 14 miles from Phantom Ranch, up Bright Angel Canyon to the north rim. This lower section of the trail runs along the Bright Angel Creek, gaining only 1,500 feet elevation over about 7 miles to Cottonwood Campground.
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It was a glorious morning! We felt free and breezy……unconstrained by time or destination……
The wild flowers were amazing! We stopped to photograph every one!
Our walk took us, first, up to Phantom Overlook……There really are no words to describe standing there….as if we were the only ones in the canyon…..
Looking up from the inner canyon to see the south rim, where we had stood just the morning before….
Coming down from the overlook, we continued our walk on up the North Kaibab Trail….along Bright Angel Creek.
It was a beautiful walk, with good trail…..
We walked as far as the confluence with Phantom Creek, which joins Bright Angel Creek about 1.5 miles up from Phantom Ranch…..and then on up just a ways…..before deciding to turn and head back. Our total round trip hike was about 6.6 miles.
We had walked along the inner canyon floor…..listened to the rushing waters that formed the canyon……felt the ageless rocks….and experienced the canyon… least a small part of it…..for a moment……

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