Friday, April 27, 2012

Beauty in The Canyon

There is such beauty…..especially at this time of the year! It seems that we cannot pass by the flowers without catching a picture or two (or more!). Fred has gotten really good with the camera, and seems to take most of the pictures of flowers…..


This patch of Indian Paintbrush was growing in a small niche in the canyon wall. This photo is taken looking UP.


Some growing a little closer to the ground……


Beautiful blue and purple flowers…… (We do not know the names of most of these flowers)


IMG_4231IMG_4368 (1)

These wild flowers were just so unique…..


We ‘spotted’ this spotted Towhee…..


And any number of mule deer. The mule deer seem to go blissfully about their browsing without even noticing us.


And this wild turkey was in no hurry……It looks just like the ones you see in the pictures at Thanksgiving.

We have plenty of deer and even wild turkeys at our cabin in Louisiana, but they do not stop to have their picture taken. They have to worry about ending up on someone’s dinner plate!

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