Friday, August 6, 2010

Life on the Road – so far-

We were talking today about how this  ‘life on the road’ has been going so far. This is the section of the trip that I had really worried about. I wasn’t sure how it would feel to be driving each day, just “passing through” an area, setting up the camper each night and picking up each morning.I worried that we would feel rushed or too focused on the goal of '”getting there”. I worried that we would get into each place in the evening and dread the set up and the take down the next morning.

So I am happy to note that this has not been the case. Our set up and take down has become a comfortable routine that just takes about 20 – 30 minutes. We have been consciously practicing the art of “slowing down” and enjoying each day’s drive for what each day brings. We do look ahead in the “Milepost” book to plan what we might like to see and where we might plan to spend the next night (we do have to cover a certain # of miles each day), but we have been flexible enough to just turn around to get a better look at something interesting along the way.


As we drive we try to keep a vigilant eye out for any wildlife, and, when we see anything, we pull over wildly, jump out, and snap a picture. I’m sure that this Mama moose and her baby are saying “stupid tourists”.        : )

Part of traveling like this is realizing that we could not possibly see all the sights, nor really “know” a place in such a short trip. Each town, each campground, each point-of-interest  or wilderness park would take weeks, months, maybe even a year (or perhaps a lifetime) to really “know” it. So we do not expect to know a place, but rather just taste it to get the flavor of this area. Going about it this way allows us to drive on, stopping here and there, telling ourselves that this is not “the trip of a lifetime” but that we could always come back…… day.

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