Friday, August 13, 2010

Denali NP – Savage River Hike

Monday morning we drove 15 miles on the park road to Savage River. The morning was cool and WINDY. We hiked a 2 mile hike down one side of the river valley and up the other. It was a very nice hike and a good introduction to the park. We, of course, scanned the rocks and hill sides looking for wildlife, hoping NOT to see a bear…


The river was clear and fast running. It would be refreshing on a hot Louisiana day!



Large rocks dotted the hillsides. We kept hoping to see some of the Dall sheep that Denali is noted to have. But there was not a sheep in sight. We did, however, catch sight of a marmot. I didn’t get a picture, as he blended into the rocks.



Becky takes a photo from a hill top advantage.

While at Savage River, we ran into a trail maintenance crew. They were going to work on a trail, extending it on to join another trail. But first……a warm up! As we enjoyed the overlook, they went through at least 20 minutes of yoga stretches. I thought that it is a wonderfully spiritual place to practice ones yoga – Fred, however, figured that he could have cut down 2 trees in the time it took them just to warm up! : )

DSC00861 DSC00871

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