Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Haines, AK – Around Town

Haines is a sleepy little town that is working to revive and promote the Chilkat Native arts including totem pole and other carvings. At the center for Chilkat Arts, there was a totem pole in the process of being carved, as well as these set up for display. Haines also has an historic Ft. Stewart – a block long area with many of the original buildings and officer’s quarters being restored and used as private homes and B & B,s (I can’t believe that I did not take a single picture of these!)

DSC01426 DSC01428

DSC01427 DSC01429

We toured the 2-3 blocks of downtown stores……..


And, Of course, who wouldn’t love a hammer museum……….


Especially with such inventive yard art. ;- )



This is a nifty artists studio/gift shop that we stopped by. I could just picture living here and working on all sorts of “artsy” things…..

But this woman seems to have a wide and eclectic mix of things for sale!


And I haven’t mentioned much about our meals. The coastal areas of Alaska are noted for great Salmon, Halibut and Crabs.


We have been eating out quite a bit, trying to take advantage of the fresh seafood – halibut fish & chips, grilled or baked or smoked salmon (we even had a delicious Caesar salad topped with smoked salmon), and crab legs whenever the price seems right.

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