Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kenai Peninsula – Sights around Homer

Fri. Aug 13 -  We camped in Homer in a park on the beach just down from the boat docks. We spent a bit of time just walking around and checking out the sights. 


Homer, AK is built around the fishing and boating industry – both tourist fishing trips and commercial fishing.




The “Time Bandit” is a commercial Crabbing boat whose home port is Homer and is famous as one of the 6 boats featured on the TV series “The Deadliest Catch”.


This guy is cleaning the day’s catch.

The Homer Spit also has a number of eating, drinking, and shopping opportunities.


The Salty Dawg Saloon was made by splicing several old buildings together - the light house, which was once a water tower, Homer’s first Post Office building, and a school house. It is kind of a rough talking, smoking, drinking, and pool playing kind of place frequented by locals and the occasional celebrity. (Arlo Guthrie once brought his whole entourage through.)


The walls of the Salty Dawg are covered with dollar bills that people sign and tack up.

DSC01131 DSC01130

We stopped by the Mermaid Cafe and Book Shop – a used book seller with rooms of old books. 

DSC01135 DSC01134

And – a stop by Two Sisters Bakery to pick up a sticky bun and chocolate bread for breakfast tomorrow.   : )


The breads are baked in a stone, wood fired hearth. Here, the guy is just pulling the sticky buns out of the oven. The smell was heavenly………

Today was also a day to get a few chores done. We got the oil changed in the car (4,860 miles driven on this trip so far), went by the library to use the internet to check emails and post some blog entries, and went by the local Safe Way to get a few groceries.

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  1. I love the old buildings. Especially the Salty Dawg Saloon.