Friday, August 13, 2010

Denali NP- Mt. Healy Overlook Hike

Monday afternoon, we went for what would turn out to be a fairly ambitious hike up to the Mt. Healy overlook. This hike began just behind the visitor’s center and went 5 mi (round trip) and 1700 feet up to the ridge of Mt. Healy.


The trail was fairly nice for the first mile- only 500 ft gain. The next 1.5 miles was steep and STEEPER - gaining 1200 ft.


The views were fantastic! And, of course, better the higher we climbed. So…. onward and up-ward……..



Until, finally, we made it to the overlook. Only to have a couple of young people tell us that the trail does go on to the very top of the ridge – but that “it gets kind-of steep and rocky”……like this had NOT BEEN steep and rocky!! Oh- we have gotten so out of shape…….


This little squirrel was kind enough to share his rock with us as we sat and enjoyed the view before heading back down.


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