Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kenai Peninsula – Portage Glacier

Wednesday Aug 11 We left Denali and headed  to the Kenai Peninsula, by way of Wasilla (no, we did NOT see Sarah Palin) and Anchorage. Almost as if just rounding the corner,  the landscape changed! Suddenly, we were in the Alaska of all the pictures. Snow capped mountains, ice blue glacial ice, beautiful waters of Cook inlet and Turnagain Arm. It was exhilarating ……. energizing………



We stopped along the road to catch a photo of this stretch of beach. Here, the tide goes out and the water level drops 20 ft in just 6 hours – leaving these wide stretches of beach with tide pools.


We stopped to see Portage Glacier – and took a boat ride out to get within 300 yards of the Glacier.

DSC01015  DSC01067

These Glaciers met and covered the lake area just 100 years ago. The miners in the area would bring supplies over the glacier by dog sled – giving this area the name “Portage” . The glaciers have since receded – they are ever changing….some growing….some receding……..sculpting this vast area of the world.

DSC01036 (2)

This is Portage Glacier. The black streaks in the ice are gravel that is being picked up and deposited as the glacier moves. The compacted snow and ice reflect the light and appear blue.  The size of this glacier is enormous! but you can not tell that from a picture, or even get the full effect from the boat. There is nothing to give it perspective…….We were just blown away!  So BEAUTIFUL……






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