Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow Sledding in Arizona!–Visiting Katie and Kids

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 – Fred and I took the day to drive to Tucson to visit our niece Katie and her kids – Emma and Jack. (Husband, Nick, was working, so we didn’t catch up with him until dinner time.)

The storms of the past week had put a bit of snow up on Mt. Lemmon, so we decided to go see the snow! Mt. Lemmon is a beautiful 45 min drive from Katie’s. As we gained elevation, we began to see the temps fall and a beautiful layer of snow covering everything.

This was Emma’s first experience with snow and sledding……..


She thought the down-hills were great……


And who wouldn’t like this kind of service for the up-hills!


We settled into a beautiful picnic area with a table for all our stuff…


And a nice place to sit with Jack……


I was AMAZED at how beautiful this area is! This is NOT how I picture Arizona!


Emma learned a thing or two about snowballs…..especially how COLD they can feel!


Jade watched over us patiently…….just glad to be included. You know, she is an old ‘pro’ at snow…..having lived through a winter in Iowa!


I had my turn cuddling Jack. He is so sweet…..


The snow was a  unique experience for us in Arizona…..and a special visit with Katie and Emma and Jack…..


When we had all had enough (actually, when little Emma’s feet and hand got sooo cold!) we headed back to Katie’s house and visited with Nick over a lovely dinner. Thanks, Katie and Nick…..it is always good to see you guys….   : )

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