Friday, March 16, 2012

Hiking Trails at Lost Dutchman–Jacob’s Crosscut

We have been really enjoying the trail system at Lost Dutchman SP. There are several loops of varying degrees of difficulty, so you can pretty much enjoy any kind of hike/walk that you want.


We start most of our hikes at the ‘You Are Here’ spot on the bottom, right hand side of this map.


Heading up the Siphon Draw trail just a bit, you come to an intersection with Jacob’s Crosscut trail (not pictured here).


This trail cuts across a broad ‘plateau’ at the base of the Superstition Mountains.


Part of this trail widens out and almost looks like a desert ‘garden’.


This has become one of my favorite walks…..especially in the morning…..


Jacob’s Crosscut does not have much elevation gain, as it just meanders up and down the little ravines. This trail is gentle enough to take Jade and only about two miles when you connect it with the Discovery trail (not shown in my picture of the map – but connecting the Saguaro Day Use Area to our campsite).


Jade at 9 years old, does not do well with really long hikes, or the heat…..but she LOVES to go for a walk and sniff all the new smells!

This is a really nice section of trail to add to other hikes when we need a little more distance.


And the flowers are so beautiful……and the birds. This is a house finch who brightened our morning……

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