Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hangin’ With the Dogs

I know that you all must have been wondering just what it is that I do all day while the ‘Folks’ are out doing all that hiking………


Mostly……I just hang out…….waiting patiently for them to get home.


Sometimes, Boy-oh-Boy! I get to go on a hike with them! I LOVE to go hiking! That is…if it is not too hot……or somewhere BORING (like around the campground).


When we get back to the camper, I lie on my comfy dog bed and rest a bit.


In the afternoon, the Folks and I go over to Sarah and Jason’s to visit…..


And I get to spend time with Lucky.  You can see how pleased I am……..


Most of our time is spent pretending that the other  does not exist!


If I am a really good dog, the people take me out to the dog park (right close by, in the apartment complex) and I get to play ball! I LOVE to play ball….I really, really do!

Play ball!

You can watch me play ball on this video. I am SUCH a good dog!


Whew! I am beat! Time for bed…….did you think that I would really stay on the floor all night?

After all, It’s a dogs life!         


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  1. Jade seems to be enjoying the adventure of travelling'!! 'Home' for her is 'wherever you are'! I love the video. M om