Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Siphon Draw…One More Time

When we want a more challenging hike….there is the Siphon Draw trail. We decided to hike this trail, again, on Wednesday (March 14th) just to see if it would feel any better…….




The Siphon Draw trail (pictured on the right side of this map), goes up the ‘draw’ towards ‘Flat Iron’ Mountain, The trail up to the ‘Basin’  is about 4 miles round trip from our campsite, and about 1,000 feet elevation gain. There is an additional trail (or ‘not much of’ a trail) that heads from the ‘Basin’ up another 1,000 feet, over about a mile, on up to ‘Flat Iron’. We have not hiked this section (I feel like adding….no…DUH!) but have enjoyed the challenge of hiking to the Basin.    : )


This hike has it‘s challenges……the footing gets tricky, and some areas are pretty steep. There are several sections where the trail just ‘disappears’ and you just have to scramble over and in between the rocks.  This picture shows the trail skirting the edge… the center of the picture is the ‘Basin’ and the flat topped mountain at the top center of the picture is Flat Iron.


A closer view of the Basin, with Flat Iron shrouded in the morning fog.


Another view of the Basin. The lighter streak running up the Basin is where water flows down (it was dry at this time).


The rock in the Basin is somewhat smoother and looks ‘shiny’ with the sun’s glare.


You are rewarded for your efforts with a nice place to rest and a spectacular view!

We hiked this trail with just our day packs. We felt much stronger this second time…..but any way you cut it, the tricky footing makes this hike a challenge. We wanted to add a bit of mileage on this hike, so we looped around on Jacob’s Crosscut and back by the Discovery Trail, bring our total mileage to 5 miles.

Along the way, LOTS of people passing us would ask “Did you make it to the top?” meaning all the way up to Flat Iron. You know, it does not bother me to not go all the way to the top. Climbing higher up the Basin rocks really bothers my sense of heights (not Fred’s, however) and I just have not felt the need to challenge myself on this.

It is funny how some things are just ‘there’……drawing you….daring you…... And sometimes, you can be content with leaving them. I have learned to pick my own challenges, and not feel goaded into something. I am much stronger when I choose how and where I will challenge myself.


  1. I'm with you. Siphon Draw is a great hike and accomplishment. The Flat Iron - no thanks. I'll just enjoy someone elses pictures of that part.

  2. Yes, it's good that you know how to pick your challenges. But better get used to carrying those packs! The Grand Canyon adventure is going to be fantastic! I'm guessing this means you won't be going to Angel's Landing at Zion?

    1. Yes, the Grand Canyon will be quite the adventure....
      And,I haven't crossed off Angel's Landing .....we'll see. ;)