Friday, March 9, 2012

Shifting Sands……

March 7, 2012 – Another good traveling day. On the road by a little after 8 am…..with a very nice (quiet and scenic) stretch of highway before we joined back up with I 20. Next time we head to Phoenix, we will have to drive there by way of all secondary roads…..something one can do when traveling ‘slowly’.

Just as we joined back up with I 20 at Abilene, TX, we chanced to see a little white Casita just up ahead. Yep, it was my sister, Joann, who is traveling in this same direction, but has been stopping at different points along the way. What a nice surprise to run into her.   : )

We pulled into Monahans Sand Hills SP about 2:30 pm. The wind was gusting and the temperature climbing to 80 degrees.


We set up the camper, then settled in the shade, to wait for the sun to get a bit lower before we set out exploring.


We hiked up the sand dunes behind our campsite. I could just picture kids having a ball in this giant sand box! One can even rent ‘discs’ to sled down the dunes! But there were no kids…..and few other people in the campground.


Though there is a beauty and peacefulness to this landscape, I find myself feeling a bit  melancholy…….


And the ever present west Texas wind sets this Louisiana girl on edge……..

I find myself thinking about shifting sands……..


the ever changing patterns and ripples…….


Of things buried….and things uncovered……..


And the rhythms of life……..


A full moon seems ‘made to order’ for my mood…….


  1. Hello! Glad you're traveling and posting from that well-worn road. I find Monahans kinda desolate. I know what you mean about the wind and the sand. I feel small and impermanent in the universe there. The photo of Uncle Fred is great though! Like the cover of some new age flute music or something. I dunno if it's his faraway gaze or the full moon...
    Speaking of sand, rent House of Sand if you get a chance. It's a Brazilian movie I think. Very very good and the themes definitely stick with you.
    I love that feeling of the open road. Kinda wish we had a trip on the horizon!

  2. Hi there guys! Sorry we couldn't be there for donut Sunday, we will miss ya'll.
    But glad to hear and see that ya'll have got off to a good and steady start. I'm looking foward to more of the pictures and writings. Next best thing to being there! Enjoy the journey!!!
    OH!!! My favorite photo is the "ever changing patterns and ripples"

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  4. Great photos!! Such an interesting part of the country. Give Sarah a hug for me. Jason too!! Much love. Ruth/Mom