Saturday, March 10, 2012

City of Rocks

March 8, 2012 – We woke up this morning to 46 degree temps and the wind howling…….20-30 mph sustained, with 40+ mph gusts……Oh man…..I really hate this wind! It does more than just unnerve…..In a very practical way it makes ordinary things so much more difficult. Opening the truck door or camper door – holding on tight to make sure that it doesn’t get away from you. Walking head down to keep your hat from blowing off……leaning into the wind to keep from being blown over! And at 46 degrees….it chills……

The wind blew this way all day…….buffeting our truck and camper as we headed west towards El Paso, then on to New Mexico. Our destination for the night – City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico – just north and west of Deming.

By the time we arrived (about 2:30pm Mountain time), we were both a bit ‘edgy’ and wore out. Our first order of business ….. fix a cup of Starbucks instant caramel coffee (really yummy!), and just sit down (in the camper and out of the wind) and relax.

When the wind seemed to have settled down just a bit, we stepped out to take a walk. Jade has been a good encouragement for getting out…...despite the weather.  


City of Rocks is an interesting collection of boulders…….


Set amongst this desert landscape……


The rocks, creating interesting formations…….


Grouped together, like buildings in a city.


It felt good to spend an hour walking about……and good to be back, safe and secure in our camper, listening to the wind whistle around us.

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