Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Wildflower Capital of Colorado–Crested Butte

Wednesday July 31st- We studied the wildflower walks that were listed in the brochure, and decided on the Meridian Lake Trail. This trail sounded lovely,promising a glacial lake and many wildflowers. It was also close by, just about 3.5 miles north of town.

The trail guide was good on descriptions of the wildflowers we might see, but the guide did not actually have very much actual trail information, such as the length of the trail.. It did not matter, we set out on this nice hard packed trail and just enjoyed the flowers.


The trail ran alongside of a nice stand of aspens…..the perfect backdrop for the wildflowers.


I went a little crazy trying to capture the beauty of the wild flowers……..

IMG_2536IMG_2559 (2)IMG_2569IMG_2540 (1)IMG_2553 (1)IMG_2567IMG_2575 (1)

As we walked on, we wondered if there was an actual glacial lake at the end of this trail, as promised. We saw several people returning on this trail who seemed to have been enjoying water activities…….a wet dog, and a couple of wet kids with parents carrying an  inflatable raft or kayak. So, we kept on walking.


Just around the bend, we were rewarded with this awesome view of this long glacial lake. Pristine, isolated and just so inviting……but, no we did not go for a swim.   ; )


As we walked back, we noticed this wonderful ‘Spirit Tree’ standing guard over the lake.


We really enjoyed this walk…..nice trail, easy grade, BEAUTIFUL scenery! Total walk time….about an hour.

It was time to head on back to our camper on the other side of the mountains.This time, we drove home by way of the main highways and across Monarch Pass.

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