Friday, August 2, 2013

Crested Butte

Wednesday July 31st – The Cottonwood Pass Drive takes you on into Crested Butte, a really cute town with a really neat ‘vibe’. We walked around the historic downtown which had a number of the original restored buildings circa 1880 – 1890’s.




Inside, were a lot of very neat shops, even a yoga studio……..We shopped a bit, and ate at a really good Mexican Grill, and just people watched…..


Crested Butte seemed like a community made for biking…..There were cycles and cyclists everywhere….some very serious cyclists in bike clothes, others just moms and kids, some older people. Everyone seemed to be out enjoying the day.


Given the overall ‘feel’ of the town, it did not surprise us to see a really nice community garden.

We really enjoyed our time in the downtown, but we were looking for a nice hike to walk off our lunch. We had picked up a brochure at the visitor's center which listed a number of nice hikes to view the wild flowers around Crested Butte- the wildflower capital of Colorado. More of this, and some pretty amazing pics in my next post……

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