Thursday, August 8, 2013

Inside our Camper

I wanted to share a bit more about our life on the road….from inside our camper. We have a 2011 Airstream. It is a 25 foot Flying Cloud model with the front bed arrangement. The camper measures about 8.5 feet wide. It has a wrap around window by the rear dinette and windows behind the lounge. The lounge sofa has a pull out which can make into a double bed, and the dinette will fold down to make another bed. So, we have plenty of room for company.  : )


Note -above and on, the cabinet are post cards that I am collecting from our travels.

The door is on the passenger (curb) side towards the rear, between the dinette and the kitchen sink. It has a screen door which can open separate from the aluminum door.


In the kitchen, we have a round sink with a storage cabinet underneath, a propane stove and a propane oven, There is also a pull-out panty and overhead storage. We sometimes keep a jug of water by the sink for drinking and filling water bottles to have a bit extra water available. 

Our storage tank capacity seems very adequate……36 gallons each for fresh water, grey (waste) water, and black (toilet) water. We have 2 large propane tanks and a good 12 volt battery system to run everything except the AC without electric hook-ups.


We have a nice refrigerator and freezer (with the map taped to it)…….As I had mentioned before, part of the ease of traveling by camper is being able to keep to our usual routine, especially by fixing our meals and eating in a lot of the time.

With the kitchen, plus our grill, we can cook just about anything – Chicken, steaks, pork chops, grill or sautĂ© fish, and vegetables to go along with. We might also grill hamburgers and the occasional hot dog. We might do a  good one pot stir-fry, or pasta, or a home-made pizza.  If we want something easy, we also have soups, dry or canned, or some that I had made ahead and frozen.

We always try to start the morning right – sitting on this couch with a nice cup of coffee, looking out the rear window at whatever awesome view we might have. We usually have a simple breakfast and pack a lunch for the road (or the trail). We do like to eat out sometimes….taking advantage of whatever the local specialties are.

IMG_2745 (1)

In the evenings, we might sit outside, if the campground is nice, or we will sit inside at the table and work on the computer, stretch out and read, or we can ‘chill out’ and watch a bit of TV, as we have a nice TV and DVD player. Actually, we have been catching up on some older TV series on DVD….we are watching ER right now.


Down the ‘hall’ just past the refrigerator, on the left side, is a wardrobe for clothes, then the shower (the glass door). On the right is the bathroom. At the front of the camper is the bedroom.


The bathroom is tiny, but is laid out well and very functional. The shower is also tiny, but large enough. We usually shower in our camper, and only use the campground bathrooms when we need to spare our fresh and grey water capacities.


The bedroom is in the front of the camper, and has a large wrap around window with curtains, and queen sized bed which runs side to side with a bit of walk space around it. Next to the bed is another wardrobe and drawers.  I put up a bulletin board on the side of it, so that I can keep a few pictures of the kids and other loved ones to look at.  : )

We have been very comfortable traveling in this camper. It is big enough for the two of us to move around without getting in each other’s way. We have even had a couple of the kids visit with us, and have had enough room for them.The bed is comfortable (alright for my back) and it is so nice to have a bathroom with a shower and to have a potty in the middle of the night.

We have spent over a year in this camper since we have gotten it…….5.5 months May-October, 2011 , and 6.5 months, March-September of 2012, as well as a number of weekend trips. We have toured up the east coast to Nova Scotia, across the United States to  California, up the western coast to Alaska, and to the ‘end of the road’ in Yellow Knife, in the Northwest Territories. The camper has made several trips to Chandler, Arizona, and Oakland California, and to Delaware visiting our children. It has been very comfortable whether ‘full-timing’ RVing or just heading out for a bit…….

On another note..….today, Aug 8th, is our anniversary! 38 years and we still like being together!   : )

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