Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting Ready to Raft the Snake River……

Friday, August 16th, 2013 – We have a 6 day rafting trip planned with ROW Adventures. The trip will start Saturday, at the Hell’s Canyon Dam, near Cambridge, Idaho, and end Thursday, at Heller Bar, 82 miles downstream. We will be passing through Hell’s Canyon, North America’s deepest gorge, and encountering a number of nice rapids. We really had enjoyed the guided rafting trip that we had taken on the Copper River in Alaska last summer, and were looking forward to another rafting experience. As a matter of fact, this rafting group was recommended by one of our guides from that trip, who is working for ROW this summer.

We spent Thursday afternoon getting packed and gathered up for the trip. We went over the suggested packing lists to make sure that we had everything. We always get a bit nervous at this point……What we take with us Saturday morning, packed in two small duffels will be what we will have on the river for the next 6 days.


I am leaving computer and cell phone behind……making me feel like I’m a bit out of touch,….

We will be leaving the camper set up at Hell’s Gate State Park while we are gone, as we will be returning to Lewiston at the end of our rafting trip. On Friday we will be driving down to Cambridge (I always get that mixed up, because the Snake River runs south to north at this point) . That evening we will meet with our Guide and the rest of the group for our orientation. We will be leaving on Saturday morning, headed to the river and adventure…….

But first - Friday morning we have an appointment with the Lewiston Chevy dealer to replace the driver’s side mirror that had been broken since Crater lake. By the way, Fred managed to drive us approximately 600 miles from Crater Lake to Lewiston just using the little pieces of fractured mirror. He is AMAZING!

This little errand was made quite pleasant by warm, fresh from the oven, chocolate chip cookies served in the Chevy waiting area.  I think every place should do that!   I settled in to work on this blog, and, within the hour, we were good to go.

With butterflies in the stomach……not so much worried about the river or the rapids this time…..and knowing that I will relax as soon as we get on the water……We double (triple?) checked our packing and drove off.

I look forward to sharing our pictures and stories when we get back…….

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