Thursday, September 6, 2012

Turnagain Arm and Eagle River Campground and Saying Goodbye

Monday, August 13- It was, unfortunately, time to drive back towards Anchorage. Laura and Dave would be flying home on Tuesday.


On the drive from Homer to Anchorage, we drove along the Turnagain Arm, which is known for its wide tidal fluctuations of 30 feet or more.


We got out to look at the mud flats at low tide. As tempting as it might seem to just walk across this basin, it is very dangerous. The glacial silt which make up the mud flats can collect in pools of quicksand. People have gotten stuck out on these flats at low tide, and have drowned as the tide sweeps in.

We were a bitt late to catch the bore tide, the wave that can be 4 feet high that flows in as the tide reverses, but we could definitely see the new tide coming in.

Monday night, we stayed at Eagle River Campground in Chugach State Park.


We enjoyed our one last evening together……then took a bit of a hike the next morning.


I love getting pictures of the small things…… this colorful mushroom.

Noontime rolled around and it was time to head to the airport. Saying “Goodbye” is always hard……but we had a wonderful visit and were so glad that we were able to share this adventure. Thank you, Laura and Dave….We love you.

Now,  we just have to find a time for our other two kids and son- and daughter-in-law to join us for a trip……..   : )

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