Friday, September 21, 2012

A Long Ways To Home –Takhini Hot Springs, Coal River, Pink Mt.

Friday Aug 31 – Sat. Sept 1 – From Dawson City we traveled Hwy 2 down to Takhini Hot Springs, just north of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. We had stayed at Takhini two years before on our first visit to Alaska and remembered how nice the springs were, and what a wonderful meal we had there.

Maybe it was hitting the springs at the end of their season,…and at the end of our trip…..But, the springs were only luke-warm, and the facility looked run down. The restaurant was only serving burgers, and they did not even look appetizing. The campground was OK, and it was nice to take the extra day here…..But, we were disappointed. Or maybe just ready to get home….

Sunday Sept 2nd – Monday Sept 3rd – These days were just driving days…..putting some miles under our tires and getting down the road, driving on the Al-Can Hwy. We stopped Sunday night at Coal River Campground, in British Columbia, south of Watson Lake. Monday night, we stopped at Pink Mountain Campground, BC, between Ft. Nelson and Ft. St. John.

Along the road, we saw more wildlife than we had seen on any of our other roads.


Bison are BIG! We passed this entire herd that was grazing along the roadside.


A mom nurses her calf.


Bison always strike me as sort of ‘beady-eyed’.IMG_0571

Stone sheep….




And beautiful, beautiful scenery.


We are enjoying the beautiful days, and good driving….but I think that the urge to head towards home is driving us….

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