Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Southwest……Revisited

Tuesday Sept 11th, 2012 –We had awaked to ….rain! A rarity in Arizona. It rained, off and on, as we drove…..clearing just enough to get a picture or two….

From Kanab, Utah we dropped down into Arizona on Hwy 89 alt. This was a route that we had driven so many years before (was it 1993?) when we pulled a pop-up camper and took the kids ‘out west’. It was as we remembered…….


Wide open vistas with those pastel colors that are unique to the Southwest.


We stopped at the ‘Cliff Dwellings’….


Not Native dwellings, but the remnants of a house built in the 1930’s by a woman whose car broke down at this spot and she just liked the location.


We drove on just a bit to the Navaho Bridge overlook near Lees Ferry…


And marveled at the Colorado River…..just below Lake Powell …and above the Grand Canyon. It would be here that a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon would start…….Hmmm.

Driving on…..We had a familiar, coming back full circle feeling…..coming back to where we began this trip in March….has it been that long?……

We talked about the scenery. When we left the Southwest in May, after having spent 2 months sightseeing around Arizona and southern Utah, we were a bit ‘burnt out’ on the scenery, the red rocks, and the desert climate. Now, we looked at it all with fresh eyes and felt, once again, drawn to it…..amazed by it.


Back to Lost Dutchman State Park, in Apache Junction, just east of Chandler, AZ……a very familiar spot and our ‘home away from home’ when we visit Sarah and Jason. Here we have hook-ups and can run the air conditioner.    : )    The weather promised to be a bit milder…..highs only 90 degrees, with lows in the 70’s or high 60’s…..very ‘do-able’. 

We will be back and forth to Sarah’s for a week of visiting and wedding planning…..

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