Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finding Civilization In Grande Prairie, AB

Wednesday, Sept 5th – Driving slowly, it took us over 1 1/2 hours to drive the 30 miles of gravel. We made it back out and managed to not tear anything else up. We are having  a feeling of just ‘driving home’…… Fred is ready to get back into the lower 48 and back to more familiar territory. I just wanted a bit of civilization…..a Hampton Inn, a Starbucks, a little Mexican food, maybe an IHOP for breakfast……

We settled on spending two nights in Grande Prairie, Alberta, a nice sized town with a population of 50,000. As we drove through town I spotted……stores….and hotels and restaurants! Civilization!  A hotel was not really feasible with the dog…..nor necessary. But, dinner out at a Mexican Restaurant, was.

We parked the camper in the Corn Maze RV Park just outside of town. Yes….corn. The landscape had morphed into the prairies and farms of the Midwest.  We unhitched and, after settling in, drove to the Mucho Burrito (sort of like the Chipotle Grill that we like) for dinner. I found myself sitting in the truck in the shopping center parking lot, looking at   Staples, and PetCo and similar stores and breathing a sigh of contentment.

Thurs. Sept 6th- A stay-put and putter day – Fred drove into town to the Home Depot to pick up screws and wood glue to fix the kitchen cabinet that had been ‘shook loose’ by the rough roads. I spent the day working on my blogs and just ‘puttering around the house’ or, at least as much as one can in a camper.  ;- )

Dinner out at Boston pizza, and a movie! I can’t remember the last time we went to a movie……

Friday Sept 7th -  Today’s drive was definitely a shift. Four lane roads and wide open landscapes. Farms….fields….fences. It reminds me of Iowa, only not as hilly. We have shifted in our minds, also, away from our sightseeing mode,and onto just rolling down the road…..It feels good to be heading south. Conversations turn to projects at home and visiting with the kids (Sarah, on our way home).

We drove until 5 pm and spent the night at Red Lodge Provincial Park, just south of Red Deer.

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