Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chandler, AZ -Visiting Sarah and Jason

July 21st – I haven’t posted in a while….too busy having fun.     : )

We had a busy, productive 3 days at home, visiting family and friends, and doing a few chores….then back on the road, heading west. We are on our way to California for our nephew Andy, and his fiancée, Quinn’s wedding. But first….we stopped through Chandler, Arizona (just south of Phoenix), to visit daughter Sarah and her fiancée, Jason.

We stayed at the Lost Dutchman State Park, where we had stayed in March. It was nice, but Arizona is HOT this time of year! So, we spent most of our time hanging at Sarah’s apartment…..visiting, playing cards, cooking, and visiting some more…..

Highlights included a visit to Sarah’s office, before we all went out to lunch……


And celebrating Sarah’s birthday a few weeks early (it is Aug 9th)……with cake and ice cream…..


And, of course, presents…….    : )


Even a little something for Jason to open, since we had missed his birthday on July 10th…..


Quite by coincidence, our new daughter-in-law, Rebekah, was arriving in Phoenix to begin her 6 week PT rotation at a Native American Indian Reservation just south of Chandler. We were able to pick Rebekah up at the airport in Phoenix, and visit with her and Sarah and Jason before we dropped her off at the Reservation.

As it just so happens to be Rebekah’s birthday coming up on July 29th….we were able to celebrate with her, just a bit…….


I didn’t get any pics of the Reservation……the hospital where Rebekah will be working looked quite nice. I can’t say as much for the rest of the town………but, Bekah is strong and talented, and I am sure that this rotation will be a wonderful learning experience.

This morning…….. early…… we hitched up our camper and pulled out……with the sun rising over the desert. We never can get enough in these ‘all too short’ visits…..but we left with plans for when we will see each other next…….which helps…..


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