Thursday, August 4, 2011

Andy and Quinn’s Wedding Celebration

July 21st – 23rd - After visiting with Sarah and Jason in Chandler, AZ, we drove on to Oxnard, California, just north of Los Angeles, to celebrate another wedding. This time it was our nephew, Andy and his fiancée, Quinn who were getting married.


My sister, Missy (Andy’s mother) and her family rented a house near the beach in Oxnard, where everyone gathered to visit………

Missy’s children traveled from all over to be together – the oldest daughter, Jessie and her husband, James are living in Singapore. Second daughter, Katie and her husband, Nick live in Tucson, AZ with their two children, Emma and Jack. And Andy and Quinn are living in New Orleans, but Quinn’s family is from the Los Angeles/ Camarillo area. Missy and her husband, Tim live in Monroe, La, as does our Mom, Ruth.

This picture was taken at the wedding celebration……from left, Jessie and James, Quinn and Andy, Katie holding Jack, with Emma on the ground in front, and Nick standing behind, our Mom, Ruth with Missy on the end with Tim behind.  A great looking group!       : )


The rented beach house gave everyone a great place to ‘hang out’ and visit……

My Mom, and my brother Roy……  Fred and Roy’s wife, Ellen. A great chance to ‘catch up’…Roy and Ellen and their son, Joseph, live in Louisville, Kentucky.


Roy and Ellen and Joseph take a turn holding baby Jack……a favorite activity    : )         

And, James and Jessie get some visiting with Andy and Quinn.


Friday evening, an open house was planned…….We have wonderful cooks in the family! Katie and Jessie and James out did themselves! I didn’t get any photos of James – he was so busy scurrying around….cooking and grilling on the rooftop!


That evening, all of Quinn’s family and all from out of town dropped by to visit and get acquainted. The food was delicious and the beach house worked beautifully.


On Saturday afternoon, we gathered at Quinn’s grandmother’s house in Camarillo for a wonderful wedding celebration. The garden was set up with tables and we enjoyed a buffet dinner in this beautiful setting.


Maid of Honor- Quinn’s younger sister, Riley…… and Best Man - Andy’s best friend from college, Eliot.


And I just couldn’t resist including this photo of Emma….



  1. Photos are great, Sue. Thanks for sharing them. See you soon---in South Dakota! Mom

  2. What your Mom said... a beautiful family!! See you in a couple of weeks...

  3. I have been waiting for someone to post wedding pictures! Looks like you all had a great time! See you in South Dakota at the next reunion - Babs

  4. Forgot to mention that I lived in the Oxnard area (actually Port Hueneme) for 3 years 1974-1977 while I was in the Navy. Loved the area. Went back for a visit last fall and found the old apartment but didn't recognize hardly anything else - the area sure has grown with lots of developments!!