Thursday, July 14, 2011

Airstream Factory–Jackson Center, Ohio

We routed our way home by way of Jackson Center, Ohio (south of Toledo, and just south and west of Lima). This is where they make Airstream trailers. In the magazine they say that if you are ever in the area, just stop by for a tour… we did! And we got a first hand look at how Airstreams are put together and gained an increased appreciation for our Flying Cloud.


The factory also has a service department where you can schedule repairs……however, they run about 3 weeks out for appointments.


The Airstream Factory is the only site in the United States that manufactures Airstream trailers and motor coaches. Currently, the put together 37 trailers/ week – each of them already sold to a dealer. If you want to custom order one, the wait time is about 3 months.

Tours are scheduled every weekday at 2pm. This week, the plant workers  had a scheduled vacation so we did not get to see the people at work, however, we were able to see each step of the production. It was great to see just how well the Airstreams are made….each with individualized attention….and made to last.

Unfortunately, no pictures allowed of the factory, but we could take photos of the vintage Airstreams that were on site. This motorcycle side car was special ordered for Sandra Bulloch.


This ‘Road Chief’ was one of the first Airstreams made in 1936.



They have come a long ways!


These vintage Airstreams were parked in front of the main building……



I thought that these windows were so cute!


I can see why people want the vintage models to re-do………..very kitschy!



We spent the night in the Airstream ‘Terraport’ campground. You can stay for free if you are having work done……they just pull your trailer back into a site for you to sleep for the night. If you are just passing through, it is $10……a real bargain…..and your Airstream gets to visit with all these other shiny trailers.    : )     


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