Thursday, July 7, 2011

Walking with Expectation…….

On Wednesday, we woke up to a cool, foggy morning, but decided to follow our plans to hike the  Jack Pine and Coastal Trails, a hike that we were told was quite beautiful.

The hike started in woods…..interesting and inviting…..and just a bit magical in the mist.


It was the kind of setting where anything could happen…..


This certainly looked like the kind of place  that one might expect to see wildlife…perhaps a moose……with nice brooks for drinking and brush for the browsing……


We had identified moose prints along our other hikes, and we looked for them, and any other signs of moose……


What we found, in addition to prints, were quite a few….  many ….. piles of moose poop, all along the trail! (I have spared you any pictures of moose poop)     ; )    But where there is moose poop…Hey, there must be moose…….

So we kept our eyes open…..and walked with an air of expectation….moving slowly and quietly….our senses alert to every nuance, every sound…..looking around…..not knowing what we might discover…..


We just knew that…any moment….we might see a moose….. or a coyote, or fox, or  some other wonderful, wild creature. It was just that kind of morning…..


We found that we took the time to notice every little thing along the way.



We found it intriguing how the rocks had such pink striations that looked as if they had been painted on.


And along the coastal section of trail, we did not mind that the fog kept us from getting that wonderful, crisp photo……


It only added to the ambiance and romance of the place….…


Where wild creatures roam about (even if you don’t catch sight of them), and fishermen work their lobster traps in the dense fog…..


You know…we never did see a moose on that hike, but we had not been disappointed. Some trails we have walked for the destination….a waterfall or wonderful overlook, or some such. Hiking with intention, but not paying as much attention to the things we might discover along the way. This trail we had walked for the journey itself….. walking with the expectation that we would see something wonderful if we just looked…..and we did.

By the way, the only moose that we saw while at Cape Breton was from our car. He was a magnificent bull with a full rack of antlers. But, by the time we had backed up and had gotten a camera shot….well…….I guess you will have to take my word for it!    


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