Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Continued work-

The nice Spring weather has been perfect for getting a bit of work done.We always have a few ‘projects’ going on. Putting up the new siding is one of those. DSC03222

Fred has been working on the back gabled end. Thank goodness for scaffolding  – here Fred is working 3 sections high.


Fred uses the tractor for just about every job he can. The bucket comes in handy for transporting the air compressor and other tools.


To get to the very top of the gabled end, we had to dismantle the scaffold and reassemble it – centered and 4 sections high! ( By ‘we’ I mean Fred, but I helped)     : )


The pictures are at the request of Brian, who wanted to see how the work was progressing..….and to see the scaffolding with Fred working at the top!


  1. Somehow I just can't see you going up on that scaffolding, Sue. Good thing that Fred isn't afraid of heights! I'm not either but am not sure I'd be able to get to the top of the scaffolding!!

  2. You can be sure that any helping I did was from the ground!

  3. It looks so beautiful! I love the stain color, so rich in the shade.