Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sarah and Jason’s apartment, and Sarah’s office

Thurs March 17th – We arrived in Phoenix, and got the camper set up, then headed to Sarah’s that evening.


Sarah and Jason’s new apartment is in Chandler, AZ, just south and east of Phoenix, and just 15 minutes from Sarah’s work and Jason’s school (ASU).


Their living room- note the rather ‘retro’ look of the shark on the wall, a ‘pass-down’ from Jason’s parents.


A VERY nice kitchen…..


and dining area.


New bedroom furniture……beautiful!


On Friday, we met Sarah at her office – she is a staff accountant for Basha’s, an Arizona grocery store chain.


Sarah works in Basha’s corporate office in Chandler, and has her OWN office.  : )

We got to meet a number of Sarah’s co-workers, who all seem very friendly, and then, enjoyed seeing the VERY extensive Native American and Cowboy art collection that is on display in the corporate office.

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