Thursday, March 24, 2011

Touring about on Saturday…..

Saturday, March 19 – Fred and I joined Sarah and Jason for a bit of a morning workout in their apartment complex’s gym. Their gym is very nice, and it felt good to get stretched out and moving after several days of traveling.

After showers and lunch, we all drove up to Scottsdale to the Crate and Barrel store.  This is the VERY ritzy part of the Phoenix area, and this shopping area was an experience in it self! Then a nice stop by Starbucks for a Frappuccino……mmmm    : )

Next, a bit of touring around the Chandler area……… with a walk through a cool, green, grassy park along side of a small lake, where Sarah and Jason often go for picnics and walks with Lucky.

Saturday evening, Sarah and Jason joined us for dinner at our camper, and we got to show it off a bit. We played a new card game “Quiddler” – look out for Jason and Sarah….they are pretty good!

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