Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trail Riding

At Goldfield Ghost Town, we went for a trail ride. This was something that Sarah and Jason had done before, and had LOVED it, and I understand why. We had a wonderful time!


We each got matched to a horse to suit our experience and personalities. Mine kept needing prodding and encouraging just to keep up. I’m not sure what that said about me………



We went for an hour’s ride, led by the trail guide, an old rancher who was from the Denton, TX area.


Riding along was so peaceful…..


And the view from the saddle of a horse is different than when we are on foot. it may be that the horse is doing all the walking, so I don’t have to watch my feet so carefully. : )



The scenery was beautiful….very wild west. One could almost picture being in a western.”I should have been a cowboy…..”


Or “….a cowgirl”!

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  1. OK, I've added this ride to my bucket list. I have seen those trail riders leaving many times when we have driven through the area and it looks like such fun. When the nest is empty next year, we are on it...