Saturday, February 26, 2011

We knew it was just a matter of time………

When we bought the Airstream, we knew in the back of our minds, that a new truck would probably be in our future. Our 1/2 ton pick-up would pull the Airstream, but it was right at its maximum towing capability. Also, the back seats in the extended cab were not all that comfortable for additional passengers on longer trips (just ask Brian, who rode many an hour in the back seat of that truck   : )


So……meet the latest addition to the family – a  GMC 3/4 ton, 4 wheel drive, diesel crew cab. This “bad boy” truck is rigged up to tow and haul, and ought to be able to handle the Airstream on any kind of road or on any hills that we decide to drive.


The color is ‘blue granite’. And note the nice running board – a necessary step-up for those of us who are a bit shorter     : )


The interior is grey leather, and rigged out with all the latest ‘gadgets’, including OnStar and satellite radio.


The back seats are comfortable, and have plenty of leg room. We are looking forward to having the space for company on our trips.


The lure of the open road beckons……hope to see you all along the way…..

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  1. Wow. Very nice! Pretty too. Looks great with the Airstream. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures and hoping to see you sometime in the not too distant future!