Friday, February 11, 2011

Celebrating Life

Today is my birthday, and I decided to spend the day celebrating LIFE. We slept in a bit, had our coffee, and enjoyed the morning. But instead of declaring today a day of total decadence and indulgence, we still headed to the gym for a workout – something that makes me feel better….stronger….more alive (though only AFTER we are done)     : )  Then had a good breakfast, and spent a bit of time just sitting in my chair in the sunshine, soaking up this beautiful day.

I have had a chance to visit with a number of family and other loved ones today  - one of my favorite ways to ‘celebrate life’- and am having an afternoon cup of coffee, an ‘indulgence’ that am becoming quite fond of.  This evening, will be a nice dinner out at the "’Warehouse’.

This afternoon, we took a walk in the woods and around our yard, looking for signs of Spring – birds at the feeders (they are eating me out of house and home) and an armadillo who walked right across the back yard and scurried up under the house. I think that the armadillo might need to appreciate this life while he can……Fred has threated to get his gun, as this armadillo is also rooting up the whole yard!

The daffodils are beginning to come up, with signs of buds and blooms that will open in a couple of weeks. And the maples are showing their red tips of new growth. Spring will be coming to Louisiana before we know it. A joy tempered with the knowledge that friends and family in those climates farther north have another month or so of winter…….but then the Spring will be glorious, there!

February has always been bittersweet for me – so much life, sister’s birthdays, and Fred’s parent’s birthdays…… coupled with loss and sad memories. And this year is no exception. As we celebrate birthdays and new life, our community morns the loss of a 15 year old boy who had lost hope…….and a friend sits vigil with her dying mother.

Life is fragile and impermanent and we too often take it for grated. It is important to CELEBRATE life. To hold on to that feeling of being alive… take care of oneself…to nurture oneself… honor our lives and those around us….and to look for, and hang onto the signs of the coming Spring.

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes from everybody, and my love to all,


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  1. Good post - Glad you had a great birthday. Know that your "oldest" cousin loves you :). Enjoyed reading about Brian's move too. Maybe he can join us Mellette County SD when we all go up there in August for their 100 year celebration. Tell your family hi for me. Babs