Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brian’s and Rebekah’s new house in Sioux City, IA

Things can sometimes change fast……..We had visited Brian and his fiancé Rebekah in Newark, Delaware over Thanksgiving, and Brian was still looking for work. Then, good news and tough decisions……..Brian accepted a job as a project engineer for Gelita, a gelatin manufacturing company, with a plant in Sioux City, IA. So, Brian packed some stuff, and his dog Jade, and headed cross-country to his new job. This is a new move, but not a ‘new’ city. We lived in Sioux City from 1995-2001, when Brian was in the 4th-9th grades.

Meanwhile, Rebekah, who is enrolled in the University of Delaware’s Physical Therapy school, is looking at the possibility of transferring to a program near Sioux City, or, if this is not possible or practical, staying and finishing her program (about another 1 1/2 years) and visiting back and forth as often as possible. Good news…..and tough decisions.

As Brian was looking for a place to live that would take a good sized dog, (staying at the Comfort Inn was getting a bit ‘old’) he decided that buying a house might just make better sense. This house caught his eye, and, luckily, was unoccupied and ready to be moved into immediately.


Fred and I drove up to lend Brian a hand (or two) in the process of settling in.

Fist job…..shoveling the driveway!



Then, I worked a bit of ‘magic’ and set up the kitchen……complete with a pan of brownies.  : )




We cooked dinner in the new house….so nice after two weeks of eating out every night!


The living room has a good view out to the back yard….something that Jade really likes. No furniture or decorations, yet. Bekah will have a lot to do when she visits.


The master bedroom has a sliding glass door out to a deck.


The house has a nice, fenced back yard on a hill, and has a number of trees…..everything still buried in snow, but this will be wonderful in the Spring.


The house feels ‘cozy’ ……We left Brian and Jade comfortably settled in and eagerly awaiting a visit from Rebekah that week-end.


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  1. So glad to hear that Brian has a nice house to live in! It looks wonderful. Much better than an apartment...