Friday, September 20, 2013

We are Home!

Sunday Sept 15th – After such a fun time at Petit Jean, we hitched up our ‘wagon’ and headed home with a mix of excitement and that inevitably sad feeling of a trip ending. The drive home was uneventful and we arrived about 7pm, with enough daylight to get in and look around.


note- the camper will stay out by the barn until we get a bit more of a concrete pad for it to rest on by the carport.

We had wondered what we would find after being gone almost 8 weeks.…….


I was glad that the bushes, both the azaleas in the front of the cabin and the ones in the back,  that we had set on an automatic watering system had lived……


My butterfly garden was dry, but some of the plants had survived. The perennials will just be cut back anyway……but it looks so untidy.


The vegetable garden is a mess, but unbelievably, still producing……We have a lot of work ahead, but time enough to do it when the weather cools down.

We unloaded the camper and the truck…..


With much of the stuff landing in the sunroom, or other rooms, to be put up.


But….the porch swing is calling……and right now, the chores can wait.

We are trying to remember to blend what it is that we like about travel, the freer schedule and the spirit of adventure, into our life at the cabin.

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  1. Hi Sue & Fred!
    Thank you for taking me along via your wonderful writing and beautiful photos. I'll be waiting to hop along your next writing adventure! Happy Fall!