Friday, September 13, 2013

The Decision to Head Towards Home

Sunday, Sept 8th- When we head out on a trip such as we did this one at the end of July, we have some things planned out, and some things we leave open ended. We find that we travel better when we have some ideas about what we might like to see or do and we usually have a proposed time frame for our trip, though that too is often open ended.

Somewhere along the road …..sometime during each trip…… we find ourselves asking if we have done what we had wanted to do. Are we ready to start heading back towards home.

That time came after our rafting trip….and again while we were at the City of Rocks.


Many things pull us in the direction of home……family, friends, our cabin, and things that we want to do at home. Just as steady is the pull towards adventure and the open ended schedule of the road. A push/pull ambivalence that we try to balance……This time, the pull towards home won out (as it inevitably will).

We have been gone 6 weeks so far, and we want to spend some time at home before our next trip (Yes, we already have the next trip scheduled). Besides, we have to get home to our bees….Oh yeah, that’s a future blog!

We have had great fun and good memories on this trip. We have made new friends and explored more than one back road. There is more that we would like to do and see in this area of the country….we could not possibly do it all. But then, we will just have things to do here the next time we pass through.

Today, we are heading eastward – the direction of home. We are not quite done with the adventure… we have a few more places that we would like to explore on our way home. We are not sure of our arrival date, but we ARE homeward bound.  : )

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