Saturday, September 14, 2013

Flaming Gorge, Utah

Sunday Sept 8th –  We left the City of Rocks and were headed towards home. We had looked at the map and realized that we would be going right by Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, just on the southern border of Wyoming, and half in Utah. We had read an article on this gorge in a travel magazine and thought that it would be fun to see.

On our drive from City of Rocks to Flaming Gorge, we had a bit of rain. It was about the first rain that we had encountered on this trip, and the temperature dropped to a chilly 55 degrees or so. I guess, it just seemed to tell us that Fall was rapidly approaching, at least in this part of the country, and we were on the right track to be heading south.

We got to the campground that we had noted in the magazine – Lucerne Valley- and the first thing we noticed were these antelope!


They were just hanging out……along the roadside…..


And in the campground.


They did not seem tame, just unconcerned about us. We might be used to seeing deer at our cabin….but not antelope!  Well, we are “where the deer and the antelope play……”.

We had arrived at the campground around 3:30 pm, wanting to get in early enough, without reservations, to get a nice spot. The campground registration was closed……we thought because it was Sunday. We later found out that they were not staffed after Labor Day. Their season was coming to a end…..

We lucked out and got this campsite…….right by the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.


It was a nice site, and even without trees or bushes, it felt private. We had a great view of the water out of our back window.


There was a nice path from our campsite right down to the water’s edge.


We unhitched our camper, then drove over to the Marina store to pick up some information about Flaming Gorge. We decided against getting out and sightseeing, as the weather still was sprinkling rain, and the driving distances to the hiking trails and overlooks seemed to be 30+ miles. We settled in with our brochures to plan the next few days activities.

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