Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mather Lodge and Hiking the Seven Hollows Trail

Sunday Sept 15th- I was afraid that we all might still be tired or too sore from yesterday’s hike to get out this morning. But, everyone seemed willing and able, so we decided to hike the Seven Hollows trail, another nice 5 mile hike.

First, I wanted to stop at Mather Lodge to see what changes had been made.


The last time that we had visited, the lodge, built by the CCC in the 1930’s, was closed and being renovated. The result was stunning……


The lobby was completely redone, as was the dining room. The new facilities were in keeping with the rustic nature of the lodge, but bright, airy and elegant. It felt good to see one of our favorite places so well cared for.


The Seven Hollows Trail is a beautiful trail that winds in and out of 4 different hollows (thank goodness, not all seven!) At the bottom of the ‘hollows’ are these amazing rocks….big boulders…


With cave-like ledges……


This particular rock formation, the Natural Bridge, arches between two big rock structures.


Brian and Rebekah climbed up on top for a view out over the valley……


While Fred took pictures and I waited with Jade. I was perfectly happy leaving those heights to the younger ones.  : )


When you climb out of the hollow, you cross over the ‘Turtle Rocks’, a neat rock formation that has eroded to look like turtle shells.


It was a great hike and great fun to share…….

We got back to our camper about 12:30pm, had lunch and packed up to head home!

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