Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Carport Construction 2013- Bricks and Dirt

Our project for the New Year has been the construction of a carport. Our little cabin sit on a hill, and the only place we had to build a carport was off to the side…..The solution, a retaining wall and dirt….LOTS of dirt to fill in. 


We decided NOT to do this job ourselves (thank goodness!) and hired a contractor and crew who started work Jan 17th - as soon after the New Year as the weather permitted. Work progressed fast that first day. As the workers were laying the landscape bricks for the retaining wall……


Dump trucks came with loads of dirt – 15 yds of dirt in each load.


The Bobcat scooped and spread the dirt around…..


And filled gravel around a drainage pipe that was positioned along the back wall. Fred helped out, using his tractor to move pallets of brick.


Before long, the wall was taking shape….and growing higher…..It will need to be about 4.5 feet tall when finished.


Leveling out a parking pad required a lot of dirt! 16 truck loads in all!


By the end of the first day, our parking pad was taking shape.

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